NEE Baltics: League of Legends cup powered by SAMSUNG - Nations Elite Esports
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NEE Baltics: League of Legends cup powered by SAMSUNG


Prize pool

1st 2000 EUR

2nd 1000 EUR

3rd 600 EUR

4th 400 EUR


The time has come to announce our first tournament for the three countries which has been ignored for far too long! Nations Elite Esports comes to the Baltics, so all Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian League of Legends players can start sharping their swords and dust out their shields. SAMSUNG Nations Elite Esports LoL Cup will feature a prize pool of 4.000 Euros, with offline finals to be held in Kaunas University of Technology Santaka Valley.

Each country will have its separate qualifiers to be played on Battlefy platform. Qualifiers are set to start on 16th of December, with LAN finals coming on 6th and 7th of January, 2018. Registration links for the qualifiers can be found here:

December 16th, 14:00


December 16th, 17:00



The tournament will feature two teams from Lithuania, going to the grand finals and two more coming from Latvia and Estonia, each respectively winning their qualifiers. Players who reside in Baltic countries will also have an accommodation and traveling expenses covered by the tournament organizers.

If you are more of a spectator than player, we offer you a chance to join us at LAN finals with free-of-charge attendance, and see the best players from the Baltics competing! The event will also feature a special 1v1 zones for you to play against your friends and try out the latest technology from our partners at SAMSUNG and Skytech.



The finals of SAMSUNG Nations Elite Esports LoL cup starts at 12:00.

Stream of the event can be found here

Entrance to the LAN event is free of charge. You just need to be at KTU Santaka Valley, K. Baršausko g. 59, Kaunas on 6th and 7th of January.

There will be a separate 1v1 zone for League of Legends fans, as well as VR area to try out latest experiences.


  • All players must adhere to the Summoner’s Code.
  • Games are played on the Summoner’s Rift (summer) 5v5. Champion selection is in tournament draft mode.
  • Your team may only play in this qualifier if the bigger half (3 players) are citizens of one of the Baltic states.
  • No restrictions to any champions or items. Tournament admins may add said restrictions during the tournament.
  • Placeholders must be announced to the other team and the admins immediately. Failing to do so may cause a disqualification.
  • Each team gets a 15 minute pause for each match.
    • if you use the pause function you must immediately inform the opposing team why you took it.
    • you must also inform the opposing team before unpausing
  • Game restarts are up to tournament’s admin. Failing to select the intended loadout is not a valid reason for a restart. Unauthorized changes may cause a disqualification.
    • A restart may only be issued if the game hasn’t proceeded past the 5 minute mark.
    • After the restart the team compositions, summoner spells & loadouts must stay the same.
  • Dropping out of the Tournament:
    • 1 team no show – a team that has not informed the admins or the opposing teams about any delays (max. 5 minutes) will get disqualified.
    • 2 team no show – teams that have not informed the admins about such occurrence will be disqualified.
    • If any one of the team’s members drops out of the tournament you may try to find a stand-in from your country within 10 minutes, failing to do so grants you two options – a) forfeit the match; b) play with however many players you have
  • Tournament admins reserve the right to alter the rules at any given time.


Žygimantas "KNOK1" Krisčiūnas

I’m Žygimantas “K N O K 1” Kriščiūnas, been participating in most of Lithuanian LoL e-sports events either as a player or as a caster. Glad to have an opportunity to cast games at NEE, because upcoming matches are going to be the best that Baltics has ever witnessed. Also a big fan of Iron Wolves. #AWHOO