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Recap of Day 2 in LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports CS:GO CUP!

Yesterday, the LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup continued with its best of 3 Group Stage that pitted invitee Kinguin from Poland vs. Danish LPSP, invitees LDLC and GODSENT, and Portuguese AlienTech vs. Windigo Gaming from Bulgaria.

Kinguin vs. LPSP

The first match to be played, Kinguin vs. LPSP, started on Mirage, where LPSP had a convincing first half, winning it 14-1 as Counter-Terrorists. After halftime, they were struggling on the Terrorist side but still managed to pick up the two points they needed to win the map, while giving up 5 to Kinguin.

In the second map, Nuke, Kinguin managed to tie the series after convincingly winning their first half as Counter-Terrorists with the score of 10-5. In the second half, LPSP was doing quite well for themselves, getting up to 12 points in total, but it wasn’t enough because Kinguin managed to get the 16 they needed to end the map in their favor.

In the last map of the series, Inferno, LPSP once again won their CT first half handily, with the score of 12-3. Kinguin tried to fight back, taking a small lead in the second half, but couldn’t stop LPSP completely. The Danish got up to 16 points while Kinguin only had 8 at the time, winning the map 16-8 and the series 2-1.


In this battle between NEE giants, the first map, Cobblestone, was won by GODSENT with the score of 16-7, after they dominated their opponent in both halves, winning the T-sided first half 10-5 and CT-sided second half 6-2.

It didn’t get much better for LDLC in the second map, Mirage, either. LDLC managed to get clobbered on their CT first half, only picking up 3 points to GODSENT’s 12, despite the map being slightly favored towards Counter-Terrorists. The second half of Mirage wasn’t as one-sided, but GODSENT managed to pick up the last, fourth, point they needed, having only given up five, making it a convincing win for them with the score of 16-8 for the map and 2-0 for the series.

AlienTech vs. Windigo

Just like in the other first maps of the day, there was a slaughter in the first half of the first map. This time, Windigo won the first half of Cache 12-3 as Counter-Terrorists, only giving up two points before reaching 16 in the second half.

In the second map of the series, Inferno, AlienTech looked to be in a great position after their T-sided first half, with the score of 10-5. Windigo wasn’t ready to put down their guns, however. They gathered their wits and mounted a massive comeback, winning the second half 11-1 and taking down their opponents 16-11 for a 2-0 match record.


It is now clear that Godsent and Windigo from group A qualified for the semi-finals while both group B slots are up for grabs. Both Polish teams are down 0-1 in the group stage, but they can still make a comeback, while SuperJymy can secure their slot today, playing against Kinguin.