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Qualifier dates and invite for 1st edition of NEE CS:GO revealed

It is about time we share some information about how you can qualify to our very first edition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament as well as reveal the third team joining the main stage of the cup!


Our goal is to grant a chance for the dark horses in different regions to face Europe’s best. This is why we are hosting qualifiers in three different regions which are set to be Nordics, Portugal-Spain and Balkans and we have left one spot for one challenger to rise from the rest of Europe. The Europe qualifier will take place on 18th-19th of November followed by two challengers who will rise on 29th-30th of November from the Nordics as well as Portugal and Spain. The qualifiers will be closed on 2nd and 3rd of December as Balkans duke it out and find out who is the best in their region and will get to fight in our main stage!

All qualifiers are hosted on FaceIt. During the 1st day of the qualifier you will have to try your hardest as we chose the BO1 format until the TOP4 teams are clear, on the second day of the qualifier we are stepping it up to BO3 format so the representative of your region is undoubtedly the best!

As for the last invited team we have someone who all of you know really well! It is Kinguin joining the competition with its Polish roster featuring SZPERO, MICHU, mouz, rallen and Kap3r. Stay tuned on our social media, we have something very special planned for all the fans of different teams for our fourth invite spot.



Teams can register for qualifiers here: