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Nations Elite Esports Cup Regional Breakdown: Spain and Portugal

Ahead of the Nations Elite Esports Cup Qualifiers, we’re looking at the most notable esports teams in the regions which are going to have their own qualifiers. We have already discussed Scandinavia. Now, it’s Iberian Peninsula’s turn.

If stereotypes are to be believed, the Spanish and Portugalian teams should be as different from their northern colleagues as is humanly possible. Where the descendants of the Vikings are said to be cold and emotionless, their Southern opponents are said to be passionate and expressive people.

It will be interesting to see if this difference in mentality shows on the server.


This country has a lot of worthy teams, but we’re focusing our attention on three: K1ck, Sharks, and Alientech.

K1ck is an extremely old esports organization, established back in 1998. Only SK Gaming, est. 1997, is older. K1ck turned into a bona fide esports club back in 2005. They have teams for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and FIFA.

The current K1ck roster is Pedro “million” Teixeira, Diogo “syon” Oliveira, Rui “vts” Soares, Humberto “SOULZOR” Monteiro, and Diogo “dixon” Santos. SOULZOR and dixon have only joined the team in October, so they might still have some growing pains before reaching their ultimate form.

The other team from Portugal we would like to spotlight is Sharks Esports, formed on Jul. 10, 2017.

Their roster features Captain Renato “nak” Nakano, Denner “KHTEX” Barchfield, Raphael “exit” Lacerda, Leonardo “leo_drunky”  Oliveira, and Wesley “GW” Vinícius, with aptly named Hélder “coachi” Sancho acting as the coach of the team.

While their brand is still new, we expect great things from them in the future.

The last highlighted team from Portugal is Team Alientech. Founded on May 2, 2015, this Portuguese squad currently consists of Tiago “JUST” Moura, Luís “ZELIN” Lousada, Ricardo “zlynx” Matos, Ricardo “Alm” Almeda, and Francisco “obj” Ramos.

The last roster change to take place on this team happened quite a long time ago, back in April. Alm and obj were the two players to join the team.


Moving on to the much bigger Spain, we also have three teams to highlight—KPI Gaming, Giants Gaming, and Movistar Riders.

On Sept. 2, KPI Gaming announced the signing of two new players, Omar “arki” Chakkor and Victor “xikii” García. The interesting thing is that the two players, together with Miguel “Exerz” Marin are the only three Spanish players on the team. The other two, brothers Peter “Shhhack” Belej and Michal “Emenk” Belej, hail from Slovakia.

Giants Gaming has a Spanish core of Captain Johnatan “MusambaN1” Torrent, Iván “NaOw” González, and Ruben “TorPe” Jesus Gomez, joined by two Portuguese players, Christopher “MUTiRis” Fernandes and Ricardo “rmn” Oliveira. The players are coached by Spanish Ovidio “OvaX” Gómez.

Finally, there’s Movistar Riders. The team has been established on Jan. 10, 2017 after the Spanish telecommunications company Movistar announced their intention to storm the esports scene. In March, Movistar signed the roster from Nevermind, but the two parted ways in the middle of July. A week later, it was announced that the Movistar Riders would be represented by the former roster of KPI Gaming.

Currently, Javier “dragunov” Sánchez, Juan Carlos “meisoN” Chacón, Alejandro “ALEX” Masanet, Fransesc “donQ” Savall Garcia, and Alejandro “mopoz” Fernández-Quejo Cano, with José “Spanisfury” Vicente González acting as Coach.

As an actual non-endemic company, Movistar probably wishes to create something similar to what SK Telecom and KT Corporation have in League of Legends’ LoL Champions Korea. The success of the two teams does a lot to promote the companies in their countries.

We need your help!

The Spanish and Portuguese teams are no less exciting than the ones from Scandinavia. The Nations Elite Esports Cup was made to highlight the smaller teams all over Europe. If you share our ambition of a bigger and better professional CS:GO scene, do not forget to tune in and watch the matches during the main stage starting on 12th of December!