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Nations Elite Esports announcement

Nations Elite Esports is a new tournament organizer with lofty goals.

We see a great underdeveloped niche in esports with tremendous potential. What is it? Tournaments for less popular regions and teams. This is the field we will work hard to develop.

We’re convinced that smaller regions and their teams have just as much to offer and the lack of exposure is the only thing truly holding them back.

We believe that supporting local players and giving them a space to compete internationally will help them strive for better results and stronger opponents.

We aim to find the hidden gems in less well-known regions and provide an environment where they can develop and fight for prize pools in international events, against other teams sharing in their struggle.

Hopefully, this will provide less-known teams the opportunity to build their infrastructure from the ground up, seeking talented but undiscovered players and teaching them the skills they need to succeed in the space.

We dream of a time when European esports players compete not only for the cup, the money, and their org, but the country their org comes from as well.

Just imagine how you would feel if you local team became good enough to at least try and compete against the giants of CS:GO. It is our dream that someday, this will not be a pipe dream but a reality. If we have anything to do with it, we will be proud.

Do you share our vision? Help us make it real!