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LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup Finals Are Over

The inaugural Nations Elite Esports tournament, LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup, is over and one of the invitees, Polish AGO, is the winner. Here’s what happened.

The End of Group Stage

In our last article, we talked about the results in Group A, where Bulgarian Windigo and Swedish GODSENT were the two teams to qualify for the Playoffs. There were three matches left in Group B.

After they were played through, Polish AGO and Danish LPSP were the two teams qualified for the Playoffs, both with a 2-1 record in three matches.


In the Playoffs bracket, Group A’s first seed, Windigo, was matched with the #2 seed from Group B, LPSP. The #1 seed from Group B, AGO, played against GODSENT.

Windigo vs. LPSP

In the first Semifinals match between Windigo and LPSP, the Bulgarians came out victorious in the first map but it was not easy by any means. While they put up a convincing 10-5 win as CTs on Mirage in the first half, the Danes came right back and won their own CT side with the same score, leading the two teams to play Overtime, which was won by Windigo, 4-2, for a total map score of 19-17.

Then, the two teams moved to Inferno. LPSP won the first half 10-5 but Windigo proved themselves to be close in skill to the opposition, coming right back with a 10-5 themselves, forcing Overtime once again. This time, however, LPSP didn’t choke, winning the OT rounds 4-1 and making it a tie in the series with their 19-16 victory.

On Train, however, LPSP completely crumbled against the Bulgarians. They lost the first half 13-2 and Windigo pounced in the second half, winning the pistols round as Terrorists and bringing the following anti-ecos home.

With this map, Windigo qualified for the best of 5 Finals with a score of 2-1.


In the second Semifinals between two invited teams, GODSENT from Sweden and AGO from Poland, the match started on Mirage. CT-sided AGO won the first half 9-6. In the second half, GODSENT were winning but the score was too close. Even though they were trailing behind 6-8, AGO managed to get the last point they needed to win the map 16-14.

The second map, Cobblestone, was close as well. Despite GODSENT winning the first half 10-5 as Counter-Terrorists, AGO came back hard in the second half, winning their own CT half 11-3 and defeating their opponents 16-13 in the map and 2-0 in the series to make it to the Finals where Windigo were waiting for them.

The Finals – AGO vs. Windigo

The Finals were played in best of 5. The first map the teams met each other on was Cobblestone. AGO earned themselves a 10-5 lead in the first half as Terrorists. In the second, they managed to quietly get the 6 points they needed to win, giving up the same number to their opponents, winning the first map 16-11.

In the second map, Inferno, the teams played each other close in the first half. CT-sided AGO barely won it 8-7 as Counter-Terrorists. Once the teams switched sides in the second half, however, the Poles turned on the jets and rocketed past their Bulgarian opponents, winning the half 8-0 and the map 16-7.

With no room for mistakes, losing the series 0-2, Windigo scrounged up their last remnants of strength on Train and put up a dominating 12-3 first half as CTs. AGO tried for a comeback in the second half but weren’t successful in the end. Even though they won the half 6-4, the four points Windigo got coupled with the 12 from the first half were enough to give them their first map victory and push back disaster.

Next, the two teams went to Overpass. The first half was extremely close, ending with the score of 8-7 in Windigo’s favor. In the second half, however, AGO went on a 9-0 run, winning the map 16-8 and the match 3-1.

GGWP and congratulations for the Polish squad – AGO Gaming!