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Live draw and teams in Nations Elite Esports CS:GO cup are finalized

After weeks of qualifiers, the four teams to join invitees LDLC, Kinguin, GODSENT and AGO at the LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup Main Event have been determined.

Four online qualifiers, one Europe-wide, one for Spain and Portugal, another in the Nordics, and the last in the Balkans have taken place.

Danish LPSP has qualified for the Dec. 12-17 Main Event in the European Qualifier, defeating aAa in the Grandfinals. The first map, Nuke, picked by aAa was close. LPSP gained a slight 9-6 lead after the first round but aAa played them even in the second, failing to catch up and overtake their opponents despite their best efforts. The second map, Mirage, on the other hand, was one-sided, with LPSP winning their T-side 10-5 and proceeding to sweep their opponents in the second, 6-0, to qualify for the Main Event.

Finnish SuperJymy emerged victorious in the Nordics qualifier after winning 2-0 against Red Reserve. Both maps of the series ended with a similar score, 16-7 for Mirage and 16-8 for Cache. SuperJymy started off both maps with identical 9-6 scores and played the second halves dominatingly, winning them 7-1 and 7-2 respectively, despite the first map, Mirage, being the map Red Reserve picked themselves.

Portuguese Alientech was the team to win the Iberian Qualifier. Alientech had a harder time against their Qualifier Grand Finals opponents, HEXAGONE. The two teams started on HEXAGONE’s map, Inferno, where the eventual winners lost, 10-16. Then, the series moved to Alientech’s Train, where they lost the first half 6-9 as Counter-Terrorists and then proceeded to dominate HEXAGONE on the Terrorist side, winning the half 10-2. The deciding map leftover with the bans taken into account was Cache. The first half, where HEXAGONE played CT-side was even with them coming out ahead 8-7, but then Alientech found their stride, winning the second half 9-4, the map 16-12, and the match 2-1 to qualify for the Main Event.

Bulgarian Windigo proved to be the strongest team in the Balkans after winning 2-1 against XPC in the Balkans Qualifier Grand Final. The three maps played were Cobblestone, picked and won 16-8 by Windigo, Mirage, picked and won by XPC 16-12 after an awesome 11-2 run in the second half as CTs, and Train, where Windigo obviously came out ahead to win the qualifier. The score was 9-6 to the Bulgarians after the first half and the teams played even in the seven, which secured XPC’s loss.

The Live Draw to determine seeding in the LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup Main Event will be held on Dec. 6, at 18:00 CET, with the Main Event itself set to start on Dec. 12-17. The teams will play online with a studio set-up to broadcast the action to the fans.