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Day 3 recap of LOOT.BET NEE CS:GO CUP

LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup Group Stage is almost over, there are three matches left and the Group A matches have already been played with the last two concluding on Day Three.

On Day Three, GODSENT played Windigo and AlienTech faced off against LDLC. The last match of the day featured Kinguin and SuperJymy. After the last three matches between AGO and Kinguin, LPSP and SuperJymy and AGO versus LPSP, scheduled to be played on Day Four, we will have all four Semifinals teams.

With that said, it’s time to talk about the Day Three matches in more detail.

GODSENT vs. Windigo

In the first map of this series, Train, GODSENT gained a decent lead in their T-sided first half, edging out Windigo 10-5. Once the tams switched sides, Windigo tried their hardest to catch up, winning the half 8-6 but it wasn’t enough because they failed to sufficiently hold off the Swedes, allowing them to get the 16 points they needed for a map win.

Next, the two teams faced off on Inferno. GODSENT started the map strongly, winning their first half 9-6 as Counter-Terrorists and were on the way towards the crucial map and series win but Windigo had something to say about that. In their own CT half, the Bulgarians matched their opponents’ score, forcing a tie and six Overtime rounds. Windigo was the team with an advantage this time, picking up four rounds and ensuring a W for themselves on Inferno. With that, the score was tied at 1-1, forcing the decider map, Cobblestone.

Mirroring GODSENT’s performance on Train, Windigo Gaming won the first half of Cobblestone 10-5 as Counter-Terrorists. Once the teams switched sides, GODSENT put in all they had to bring the series back but weren’t successful, losing the half 5-6, the map 10-16, and the series 1-2.

After this match, Windigo ensured themselves first place in the group and favorable seeding in the Playoffs. GODSENT were also guaranteed a spot in the Playoffs as the #2 seed.

AlienTech vs. LDLC

The second match of the day where AlienTech faced off against LDLC started on Mirage, with LDLC winning their CT half 9-6 against their Portuguese opponents. In the second, AlienTech’s trouble continued, they lost that half and the maps as well.

Then, the teams moved to Overpass, where LDLC once again won handily in the first half with the score of 11-4 and tied with their opponents at 5 points apiece in the second, winning the map 16-9 and the match 2-0.

Kinguin vs. SuperJymy

The last match of the day started on Cache, where the CT-sided Kinguin won the first half 9-6. Slightly unusually from what went on in the day’s matches, the Poles actually managed to keep the victorious trend going and improve upon it, winning the second half 7-1 and the map 16-7.

Then, the series moved to Cobblestone. SuperJymy seemed comfortable as CTs on this map, winning the first half as that side 13-2. Once the teams switched, however, Kinguin proved to be almost as good at play CT Cobble, getting 10 points before SuperJymy managed to get the three they needed to win the map.

In the decider, Mirage, Kinguin got to play CT first and won the half convincingly, 10-5. In the second half, they continued the trend of winning two rounds for every round they lost, getting the six points they needed, only giving up three for a 16-9 score on this map and a 2-1 victory in the match.

Day 4 of the group stage is continuing today, to give us the final two teams to play in the semi finals. With three of the group teams holding 1 victory and 1 loss, this definitely promise us some hot action!